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Tips For Mastering Corporate Retreat Planning 400x250, Cougar Ridge

Tips for Mastering Corporate Retreat Planning

A corporate retreat is a great opportunity to celebrate your company’s hard work, help your employees connect and improve their teamwork, and to host important training sessions and meetings. But corporate retreat planning is complicated. Whether you’re hosting 5...

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Capitol Reef Canyoneering What You Need To Know 400x250, Cougar Ridge

Capitol Reef Canyoneering: What You Need to Know

Hiking or taking a scenic drive are among the most popular ways to explore Capitol Reef. But they aren’t your only options. If you’re looking for a more heart-pounding adventure, there are plenty of other activities waiting for you in and around the park. Like a...

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Rules For Visiting The Capitol Reef Petroglyphs 2 400x250, Cougar Ridge

Rules for Visiting the Capitol Reef Petroglyphs

One of Capitol Reef National Park’s most unique attractions are its ancient petroglyphs. The Capitol Reef petroglyphs, also known as the Fremont Culture petroglyphs, are visible from two stops along Utah Highway 24. Both feature wooden boardwalks that make it easy for...

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Wildlife Safety In Capitol Reef National Park 400x250, Cougar Ridge

Wildlife Safety in Capitol Reef National Park

Arriving at Southern Utah hotels for the first time, it can be tough to imagine many animals making their homes in the rocky deserts. But there are countless species that are adapted to thrive in the region’s unique and beautiful landscapes. Capitol Reef National Park...

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