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Cougar Ridge

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We do not currently have a restaurant on site, but have food options available. Most local restaurants and cafes are within 5 minutes of our facilities.

  • Catered meals (BBQ to 9-course meal)
  • Grill Your Own
  • We now offer complimentary Breakfast at the reception center from 7-10 am, year-round.
  • Alternatively, guests can also opt for a $20 voucher per casita for the Chuckwagon Deli or Wild Rabbit for a full breakfast.

Call (435) 680-9170 for more info

Hunt And Gather, Cougar Ridge

Hunt & Gather

The Wild Rabbit Logo, Cougar Ridge

Wild Rabbit Cafe

Cafe Diablo Logo, Cougar Ridge

Dark Sky Coffee

Broken Spur Logo, Cougar Ridge

The Broken Spur Steakhouse

The Pioneer Kitchen, Cougar Ridge

Pioneer Cafe

Slackers Logo, Cougar Ridge

Slackers Burger Joint

Capital Burger, Cougar Ridge

Capitol Burger

Rim Rock Logo, Cougar Ridge

Rim Rock Restaurant

Hells Backbone Grill Logo, Cougar Ridge

Hells Backbone Grill (In Boulder)

Sign 2014, Cougar Ridge

Chuckwagon Deli


Come and enjoy everything we have to offer, you won’t be disappointed.

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