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Business Retreats & Conferences at Cougar Ridge

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Cougar Ridge is equipped to host a wide range of events. From fundraisers to team building retreats to business or department conferences, we offer luxurious accommodations, unique meeting spaces, delicious, fully catered meals, and a variety of outdoor activities to entertain guests and give them a break from busy schedules. Our staff can be as involved as you choose, or simply act as facility hosts while you take the reigns. To learn more about how we can help you plan the perfect event, contact Sam at 801-651-4383 or Ali at 801-699-6665.


Retreats At Cougar Ridge

The Cougar Ridge pavilion space boasts a warm and inviting atmosphere, with natural wood beams and stone accents that enhance its natural beauty. The large open space allows for ample seating arrangements, making it ideal for hosting events ranging from intimate gatherings to large celebrations. The outdoor area provides a tranquil environment surrounded by lush greenery, perfect for reflection and relaxation. This space is perfect for corporate retreats, family reunions, weddings, and any other special event that requires a unique and serene setting.

To rent the Pavilion please call 435-680-9170 for pricing

We offer a variety of health and wellness classes and activities, including:

  • List Icon2, Cougar RidgeYoga Classes
  • List Icon2, Cougar RidgeHIIT Classes
  • List Icon2, Cougar RidgeGuided Hikes/Walks
  • List Icon2, Cougar RidgeCooking Classes with Garden and Farmer’s Market Excursions
  • List Icon2, Cougar RidgeNutrition Classes
  • List Icon2, Cougar RidgeGuided Breathing and Meditation

To learn more about our health retreats, please contact Ali at 801-699-6665.

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