Cougar Ridge

Bonfire and Star Party

Bonfire and Star Party

Enjoy a bonfire and s’mores before our stargazing tour!

Available Most Tuesdays and Saturdays starting April 2023

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Enjoy s’mores and hot drinks around the bonfire and settle in for an exploration of the night sky! Then gaze through the telescope at planets, double stars, nebulas, and even peer into neighboring galaxies!

This event takes place at the Cougar Ridge, a local lodge, but is open to all guests. Conditions for stargazing are excellent while offering a convenient location to Torrey and bathrooms nearby

Number of Participants: 1-30

Minimum of four bookings required for program to proceed each evening – should this not be met you can either purchase the additional seats at adult prices, or you’ll be fully refunded.

Meeting location: Cougar Ridge pavilion. We’ll include directions in your confirmation email.

Meeting time: About 1 hour after sunset. You’ll be given an exact time when booking. This tour is open to the public – Please arrive on time! Late arrivals could significantly affect our night vision.

What we provide: Bonfire, marshmallows and s’mores, hot and cold drinks (hot cocoa, tea, coffee, water), red light flashlights, camping chairs, blankets, and our telescope (a Celestron NexStar 8SE)

What you’ll need to bring: Warm clothing – the temperature drops 30-40 degrees once the sun goes down.

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March 13-20: Full or near full Moon
What: Full moons bring very bright light to our stargazing programs. While we can take a close look at the moon in our telescope, it also means we won’t be able to see the Milky Way or most deep space objects. The main constellations and Jupiter and Saturn will still be visible however. The moonlight a few days before this full moon will be quite considerable as well.
March 21- April 5: New Moon or Crescent Moon
What: One of the best times to go stargazing! You can’t see a new moon, but it does mean we’ll have ideal stargazing conditions as there will be no reflecting light from the Moon. Ideal for Milky Way and deep space objects!
April 6-9: 1st Quarter Moon
What: A “half-full” Moon, which is still quite bright. The Milky Way is diminished but there are more visible stars than during a Full Moon PLUS you get to see the Moon in the telescope.
April 10-17: Full or near full Moon
April 18- May 4th: New Moon or crescent Moon
May 5th-8th: 1st Quarter Moon
May 9-16: Full or near full Moon
May 17-June 3rd: New Moon or crescent Moon
Jun 4- 7th: 1st Quarter Moon
June 8- 15th: Full or near full Moon
June 16-July 2nd: New Moon or crescent Moon
July 3-6: 1st Quarter Moon
July 7-15: Full or near full Moon
July 16- August 1: New Moon or crescent Moon
August 2-5: 1st Quarter Moon
August 6-14: Full or near full Moon
August 15-30: New Moon or crescent Moon
Aug 31- September 3: 1st quarter, start time: 9 pm
Sept 4-13: Full or near full Moon
Sept 14- 28: New Moon or crescent Moon
Sept 29- Oct 2: 1st Quarter Moon
Oct 3- 13: Full or near full Moon
Oct 14- 28: New or crescent Moon
Oct 29- Nov 1: 1st Quarter moon, start time: 8 pm
Nov 2-13: Full or near full Moon – (only available private bookings)
Nov 14- 27: New or crescent Moon – (only available private bookings)

To book the Bonfire and Star Party, click here.
To book a stargazing tour, click here.

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