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What Do People Really Think of Capitol Reef National Park?

Mar 30, 2024 | Capitol Reef National Park, Cougar Ridge Lodge, National Parks, Our Blog | 0 comments

Cougar Ridge is located just minutes away from the entrance to Capitol Reef National Park. This means that we get to experience the incredible beauty, challenging hiking trails, and unique landscapes of the park as often as we’d like. We love sharing our top tips and suggestions for the park with guests of our Torrey, Utah rentals. 

But with our location so close to the park, we might be a little biased. Luckily, you don’t have to take our word for it—plenty of visitors to Capitol Reef share their thoughts on the park with the world each year. Keep reading as we take a look at some recent reviews left by park guests.

Few Crowds and Beautiful Landscapes

Guests of the best Capitol Reef resort Utah has to offer are drawn to the region for a number of reasons. The stunning landscapes are one of them. Thanks to the Waterpocket Fold, which stretches across the national park, Capitol Reef is home to some incredible rock formations you won’t find elsewhere in Utah.

But despite the beautiful landscapes, the park’s location means that it’s a little more off-the-beaten-path than some of Utah’s other national parks, like Zion or Arches. This brings us to another benefit of the park that draws guests to our Torrey, Utah rentals; few crowds.

Check out what other visitors had to say about the uncrowded, picturesque landscapes you’ll experience in Capitol Reef.

“I’m apprehensive to write this as I don’t want this park being found out. It’s pretty amazing, and there was hardly anyone there at the end of March. Must be the one that gets skipped on the way from Bryce to Arches. Some great hikes to different arches in the park, and a nice scenic drive. Crazy dark sky! About as close to zero light pollution as I’ve ever experienced. There was a park ranger in the visitors center who was phenomenal! Definitely going back, but please don’t tell anyone else about this place.” Rick Eastman, Review via Google

“This is one of my favorite National Parks! It is a great place to go because it is less crowded than other Utah National Parks. There are so many great hikes and beautiful views. We had a wonderful time backpacking a couple of years ago. Definitely recommend!” -Emma Gilbert, Review via Google

Capitol Reef Hiking Trails for All Ages and Fitness Levels

A scenic drive through Capitol Reef is a great way to see the landscapes. But if you want to get a closer look, you’ll need to get off the road and hit the trails. The park is home to some incredible hiking trails, including options for every age and fitness level.

Our knowledge staff can recommend trails to fit your group’s interests and abilities. We’ve also compiled lists of some of the park’s best trails. However, if you want to hear some suggestions straight from other guests, check out these reviews:

“Capitol Reef is such an incredible National Park. Less crowded than most other parks in Utah, it is definitely a hidden gem! There are several fantastic short hikes that kids can do and some longer ones with a little more difficulty to choose from. Each hike has fantastic views during the hike and at the end. Be warned, Chimney Rock hike has a very steep incline at the start but the rest of it flattens out to a manageable incline after that. And Hickman Bridge is an absolute gem as well and 10/10 would recommend going in that hike!” – Amanda Insalaco, Review via Google

“This is a park where you can set your sights on a particular mesa deep into the park and then walk out a few miles for the climb. There are usually breaks into the wall if you look long enough for one and then once you make it to the top, it is possible that no person ever set foot on it, this is the type of park this is. Very underrated for what it has to offer. I also liked the 3.5 mile roundtrip Chimney Rock trail which allows you to go above Chimney Rock to take amazing pictures of Chimney Rock with the road in the background.” -Rolf Shmidt, Review via Google

Planning a Stay in Torrey, Utah Rentals

Ask anyone who has visited Capitol Reef National Park, and you’ll learn that this often underrated park is one of Utah’s best-kept secrets. From beautiful landscapes to incredible hiking trails to a scenic drive that allows anyone to enjoy the sights, the park is a destination for all kinds of visitors.

If you’re thinking about planning a visit, the next thing to do is find the best places to stay in Capitol Reef National Park. The Torrey, Utah rentals at Cougar Ridge offer spacious, luxurious accommodations just minutes away from the park’s entrance. When you aren’t taking on difficult trails, you can relax poolside, grill out with your family on your private patio, soak your sore muscles in the hot tub, and visit our resident farm animals. Ready to see for yourself what makes us the best Capitol Reef resort Utah has to offer? Book your stay at Cougar Ridge today!

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