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Top Hikes For Your Stay in Our Utah Villas

Jul 21, 2023 | Capitol Reef National Park, Our Blog | 0 comments

One of the most popular activities to enjoy during a stay in our Utah villas is hiking. Cougar Ridge is located just minutes away from the entrance to Capitol Reef National Park, which makes it easy to enjoy some of the park’s incredible hiking trails during your visit.

Planning a visit to Cougar hotels this year? Keep reading to learn some of the top hiking trails to enjoy during your stay.

Hickman Bridge Trail

If your stay in our Utah villas will be your first introduction to Capitol Reef National Park, we recommend that you start with this trail. The Hickman Bridge Trail is one of the best hikes for experiencing the park’s incredible rock formations. At just two-miles roundtrip, this moderate hike is a great choice for most visitors. You’ll wind your way through a picturesque desert landscape, with views of towering cliffs and stunning vistas.

This trail’s namesake and crowning feature is Hickman Natural Bridge, a massive sandstone arch that spans 133 feet. This geological wonder is an incredible sight to see, especially with a perfect blue sky or colorful sunset behind it. If you’re planning a visit to Torrey UT hotels this fall, this trail is also a great spot to see the changing seasonal colors.

Cohab Canyon Trail

Hickman Bridge Trail is one of the most popular options in Capitol Reef. But the Cohab Canyon Trail is a hidden gem that allows hikers to explore the intricate canyons and amazing rock formations of this beautiful national park. 

As you ascend, the trail unveils layers of colorful rock formations that have been sculpted by the forces of erosion over millions of years. The trail is approximately 1.7 miles round-trip and offers a moderate hike that rewards you with breathtaking views of the Waterpocket Fold—a geologic monocline that stretches for nearly 100 miles and shapes the landscapes of Capitol Reef. The Cohab Canyon Trail is an excellent choice for hikers who want to witness the artistry of nature up close.

Chimney Rock Loop Trail

Another great hike to enjoy during your stay in our Utah villas is the Chimney Rock Loop Trail. This hike offers not only natural beauty but also a glimpse into the rich history of the area. 

This 3.6-mile loop takes you through an ancient Fremont Indian village, where you can explore rock art panels and granaries. The trail then leads you up to Chimney Rock, a towering sandstone spire that provides panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. This trail perfectly combines the allure of hiking with a dash of cultural exploration, making it a must-do for history buffs and nature enthusiasts alike.

Cassidy Arch Trail

If you’re up for a moderate challenge during your Cougar hotels stay that promises incredible views, the Cassidy Arch Trail is calling your name. Named after the infamous outlaw Butch Cassidy, this 3.4-mile round-trip hike takes you through slick rock terrain and offers sweeping vistas of the park. 

The climax of the journey is the Cassidy Arch, a natural sandstone arch that seems to defy gravity as it spans a deep canyon. As you stand beneath the arch, you’ll be struck by the feeling of being at the edge of the world, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Utah wilderness.

While this trail might be longer than some of the other hikes on this list, if you’re up for the challenge, this hike is a must-do during your Utah villas stay.

Capitol Gorge Trail

For a unique hike that transports you through time, the Capitol Gorge Trail is an unforgettable choice. This moderate 2-mile round-trip hike leads you through a narrow canyon that was once a main route for pioneers traveling through the area. Along the way, you’ll discover names and dates carved into the rock walls, a testament to the human history that has unfolded here. 

The trail culminates at the historic Pioneer Register, where you can see inscriptions left by those who passed through the gorge decades ago. Walking along this trail feels like stepping into the past and connecting with the people who shaped the region’s history.

One thing that makes this trail interesting is that it was once the primary route through the park. Before Highway 24 was built in 1964, visitors to Capitol Reef National Park drove and hiked along what is now Capitol Gorge Trail.

Planning Your Visit to Our Utah Villas

With so many amazing hiking trails to enjoy, you’ll want to plan to set aside several days during your Utah villas stay to visit the park. But hiking isn’t the only way to explore Capitol Reef National Park.

If you want to do more than simply hit the trails during your visit to Cougar Ridge, you’re in luck. From scenic drives to off-road adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Click here to learn more about planning some non-hiking activities for your next stay in Torrey UT hotels.

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