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Planning a Spring Visit to Capitol Reef National Park Hotels

Mar 15, 2023 | Capitol Reef National Park, National Parks, Our Blog, Things to do in Utah | 0 comments

What’s the best season to visit Capitol Reef National Park? That depends on who you ask.

A local might tell you that winter is the best season in the park. A park ranger might tell you to visit during the shoulder seasons. But a tourist raving about their vacation will no doubt tell you that summer can’t be beaten. Here at Cougar Ridge, we think there’s no bad time to visit Capitol Reef. But despite having something to offer all year long, a couple of seasons tend to get overlooked. One is spring.

Spring may just be the best time to plan a visit to Capitol Reef National Park hotels. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Spring is a Great Time to Visit Capitol Reef

Early spring often sees some lingering winter weather in Southern Utah. It’s not unusual for a late-season storm to strike, especially in higher elevations, bringing with it snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. However by late March, spring has usually arrived, and along with it comes warmer temperatures. 

The average high temperature in March is 58 degrees Fahrenheit, with an average low of 34. By April, those numbers rise to 65 and 39 degrees. May is another mild month, seeing daily average highs around 74 degrees and lows around 48 degrees. By June, the summer heat has arrived. 

Another big benefit of visiting Capitol Reef National Park hotels this time of year is the chance to enjoy the park’s most popular trails with fewer people. While Capitol Reef doesn’t see the crowds of Zion to the South, it still welcomes more than 1 million annual guests. Many of those guests visit the park during the summer months. This means that the park’s most popular trailheads and other attractions may see crowds in the height of summer and around holiday weekends. But when you visit in the spring, you’ll beat the crowds, and likely have many trails all to yourself.

The Best Things to Do in Capitol Reef This Spring

There are plenty of reasons to visit Capitol Reef National Park hotels during the spring. There are also plenty of things to do in Capitol Reef during your visit. 


Spring is a great time to do some hiking. During the summer, it’s not unusual for temperatures to be near triple digits in the middle of the day. This, coupled with the harsh sunlight and lack of shade, can make hiking some of the park’s challenging trails even more difficult, or even dangerous. While there are a few chilly days in the spring, and especially early in the season, for the most part, you’ll enjoy mild weather. This makes it the perfect time to take on the park’s toughest or longest trails.

Other Things to Do in Capitol Reef

There are plenty of things to do in Capitol Reef besides hiking, too. Visit the famous Capitol Reef petroglyphs, take in a stunning sunset, book an off-road tour, or go horseback riding. If you find yourself facing a spring shower, consider passing the time with a scenic drive to see even more of this beautiful national park.

Seeing the Blossoms in Fruita

But perhaps the best thing to do in Capitol Reef this time of year is to visit the Fruit Orchards. These historic orchards were planted by Mormon settlers who built the community of Fruita in what is today Capitol Reef in the late 1800s and early 1900s. After the area became a part of the national park, the orchards were preserved. Today, visitors can still see them, and even pick fruit during the summer and fall months.

There’s a big reason to visit the Fruita Orchards in the spring; the blossoms. The different varieties of fruit trees in the orchards come alive in brilliant, beautiful blooms for much of the spring season. These are the approximate dates that you can expect to see different trees bloom during your spring stay in Capitol Reef National Park hotels:

  • Apricots (early blooms): February 27-March 20
  • Apricots (late blooms): March 7-April 13
  • Peaches: March 26-April 23
  • Cherries: March 31-April 19
  • Pears: March 31-May3
  • Applies: April 10-May 6

Save Big on Your Spring Visit to Capitol Reef National Park Hotels

Another great reason to plan a spring visit to Southern Utah is the chance to save big on your stay in the best Capitol Reef National Park hotels. From now until June 30th, guests planning a stay at Cougar Ridge can save on their booking with our Spring in Capitol Reef promotion. When you stay 3 or more nights, you’ll receive 25 percent off your booking. Some blackout dates may apply.

The Spring in Capitol Reef deal can help you save big on your stay, and is a great excuse to experience this unique national park during an often-overlooked season. Book your stay today to take advantage of this deal.

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