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How to Make the Most of Your National Park Visit

Dec 16, 2022 | Capitol Reef National Park, National Parks | 0 comments

If spending more time outdoors, enjoying a bucket list-worthy adventure, or trying something new like canyoneering or off-roading was on your list of new year’s resolutions in 2023, a visit to a national park should be on your list. And staying at one of the best Torrey Utah resorts is a great way to make the most of your trip.

Cougar Ridge is so much more than your average resort. Our convenient location, just a short drive from the entrance to Capitol Reef National Park, makes us a great base camp for your national park visit. You can easily hop to and from the park easily, allowing you to hit the trails early and stay late for some stargazing. Plus, our luxurious private Utah villas guarantee that you’ll get a great night’s rest, so you can wake refreshed and ready to take on another day of exploring Capitol Reef.

Ready to start planning your 2023 visit to Capitol Reef and one of the best Torrey Utah resorts? Keep reading to learn a few simple tips to help you make the most of your national park visit.

Make a Trip Bucket List

Not only is it important to research which national park is right for your trip, but it’s also a good idea to do some research on the park itself before your flight leaves or you pack up your car. You’ll want to have an idea of the types of activities you could do while in the park, which hiking trails might best suit your abilities, and what else you can experience in and around the park. 

With a lot to see and do and limited time to squeeze it all in, it can be tempting to create an itinerary for your trip. Don’t. Weather can make hiking one day impossible. A trail may wind up taking you twice as long as you expected thanks to some beautiful overlooks or fun side trips. In short, things may change during your trip. And if you were following a detailed itinerary, you’ll miss things and wind up disappointed. 

Rather than trying to stay on schedule, it’s best to create a trip bucket list, with the things you’d like to see and do ranked in order of importance. When you get to the park, start at the top of your list and work your way down. Add anything you don’t make it to onto your list for your next trip to the park!

Depending on when you visit Cougar Ridge, some must-sees that should definitely be on your list are the Fruita orchards, a scenic drive on Highway 24, and a hike to Sunset Point at—you guessed it—sunset! Don’t forget to leave some time to enjoy all that Cougar Ridge has to offer during your visit, too!

Pack the Right Gear

Enjoying a fun, safe outdoor adventure of any kind starts with packing the right gear. Whether you’ll be braving the elements for a snowy hike through the mountains or trekking through the desert in the heat of summer, you’ll need to bring along some gear to protect yourself and make sure that nothing ruins your trip.

Some gear you should have along, regardless of the type of activities you have planned, include:

  • Plenty of water
  • Protective clothing (to provide protection from the sun in the summer and the chill in the winter)
  • Sturdy hiking boots
  • A flashlight in case you get caught on a trail after dark
  • A first-aid kit
  • Rain gear or other waterproof clothing

When you go to Disneyland, anything you forgot to pack for a day in the park can be bought in a gift shop. But when you’re on a backwoods trail in a park, like Capitol Reef, there won’t be any chance to pick up vital supplies. Make sure that you have everything you need in your backpack before you hit the trails.

Always Stop at the Visitor Center

Who better to help you make the most of your trip than an expert? Any time you are visiting a national park, make a stop at the visitor center before you do anything else. There you’ll find a history of the park, information about trail and road closures, and most importantly, park rangers. These special individuals know all of the ins and outs of their park. They can help you pick the best hiking trails, offer tips for where to spot elusive wildlife, and more. 

If you’re staying at one of the best Torrey Utah resorts, you can also ask our friendly staff for recommendations! They can offer some ideas for how to spend your day and any must-sees that you might not know about ahead of your visit.

Planning Your Next Stay at One of the Best Torrey Utah Resorts

If you’re planning to visit a national park in 2023, Capitol Reef is a great choice. This often-overlooked national park has a fraction of the crowds of Zion, but with equally stunning views, trails, and more. 

Staying at one of the best Torrey Utah resorts makes visiting Capitol Reef National Park a breeze. You can easily drive back and forth into the park multiple times a day, and mix in time enjoying your private luxury Utah villa and the many amenities located on-site.

Ready to start planning your 2023 visit to Cougar Ridge? Now is a great time to plan your next stay. When you book a visit of two or more nights before March 31, 2023, you’ll enjoy a 40 percent discount on your entire stay. Book today to take advantage of this amazing deal!

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