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Is a Bonfire Party the Best Amenity at Cougar Ridge?

Aug 16, 2022 | Cougar Ridge Lodge, Things to do in Utah | 0 comments

Planning a visit to Cougar Ridge? Whether you’re visiting with your family or spouse and staying in one of our private Villas or planning a group trip and renting our Lodge, you’ll get to enjoy a variety of fun on-site amenities. Lodge guests can enjoy the bowling alley, fitness room, sauna, and game room. Villa guests still get access to a variety of amenities, like private grills on their patios, a hot tub, and more. And all guests enjoy unique amenities and activities; including our newest event, a Bonfire Party.

This unique event takes place on property at Cougar Ridge and is open to all guests. It’s even open to the public, including those staying in other hotels in Torrey Utah.

If you’re looking to plan a fun and memorable evening with family and friends during your next visit, this event is a great choice. Keep reading to learn more.

The Newest Amenity at Cougar Ridge

Starting in March 2022, Cougar Ridge began hosting its popular Bonfire and Star Party! This event takes place most Tuesdays and Saturdays. It takes place at the Cougar Ridge Pavilion, our outdoor space that’s also perfect for hosting retreats, meetings, parties, weddings, and more.

Each Bonfire Party can accommodate up to 30 guests, and does require a minimum of four bookings per party. However, if there are fewer than 4 guests planning to attend, guests can purchase additional seats at adult prices in order to still enjoy this event. This event is a popular choice among guests at Cougar Ridge but is also open to those not staying on property. This includes locals and visitors staying in other hotels in Torrey Utah.

Guests can call Cougar Ridge ahead of their visit to book their tickets for the Bonfire Party. You can also book a spot after your arrival, though spots are subject to availability. After purchasing your tickets, you’ll receive additional details about start times and directions to Cougar Ridge in your confirmation email.

What to Expect During Your Bonfire Party

Each Bonfire Party begins about an hour after sunset. Exact start times are provided in your confirmation email, as they vary depending on the time of year that you visit. It is important to arrive at the Bonfire Party on time. Because this event includes stargazing, guests arriving late in their vehicles will impact the night vision of other guests.

Your ticket for the Bonfire and Stargazing Party includes your admission, as well as a bonfire, marshmallows and s’mores ingredients, hot and cold drinks, like hot cocoa, tea, coffee, and water, red light flashlights, camp chairs, blankets, and access to our telescope. We use a Celestron NexStar 8SE to give guests an incredible view of the night sky!

The Bonfire Party begins with a bonfire. You’ll relax in a camp chair while chatting with other guests. Enjoy a hot drink while you roast marshmallows for your s’mores. After you’re finished, we’ll start the stargazing segment of the party. Your guide will tell you a little about what you can see, both with your naked eye and with the telescope. Then, they’ll help you get a closer look, and learn how to identify some of the stars and constellations that you might spot.

What to Bring for the Bonfire Party

All of the gear, snacks, and drinks that you’ll need during the Bonfire Party are provided with your ticket. But one thing you will want to bring are some warm layers. Temperatures can drop as much as 30 to 40 degrees after the sun goes down in Southern Utah. Even if the day was warm, you may quickly find yourself chilled as it gets darker.

It’s a good idea to bring several layers of clothing, like a jacket, sweater, or down coat, that you can add or remove throughout the night to stay warm and comfortable!

When to Book a Bonfire Party This Fall

If you’re local or planning a visit this Fall and have your heart set on attending a Bonfire Party, you can plan ahead to attend at a time when more stars are likely to be visible. On nights when there is a full moon, fewer stars will be visible due to the bright light. You will get a great view of the moon through the telescope, but likely won’t be able to see the Milky Way or many constellations. The same is true for the days leading up to and following a full moon.

Here is a list of upcoming moon cycles to be aware of if you’re planning to attend a Bonfire Party:

  • August 15-30: New Moon or crescent Moon
  • Aug 31- September 3: 1st quarter
  • Sept 4-13: Full or near full Moon
  • Sept 14- 28: New Moon or crescent Moon
  • Sept 29- Oct 2: 1st Quarter Moon
  • Oct 3- 13: Full or near full Moon
  • Oct 14- 28: New or crescent Moon
  • Oct 29- Nov 1: 1st Quarter moon
  • Nov 2-13: Full or near full Moon – (only available for private bookings)
  • Nov 14- 27: New or crescent Moon – (only available for private bookings)

Planning Your Next Stay at Cougar Ridge

Planning a visit to Cougar Ridge this Fall? If your trip coincides with a Tuesday or Saturday, you’ll definitely want to plan to attend a Bonfire Party! This unique event is great for families, a romantic evening, or a memorable time with friends.

Haven’t booked your next visit yet? Now is a great time to do so! Right now, when you book 3 or more nights at Cougar Ridge, you’ll get 15 percent off your entire stay! Book today to take advantage of this great deal!

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