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What to Expect When You Choose a Functioning Ranch for Your Capitol Reef Lodging

Jun 1, 2022 | Cougar Ridge Lodge, Surrounding Area | 0 comments

Despite having a year-round population of just over 250 residents, Torrey, Utah has a number of options to choose from when it comes to Capitol Reef lodging. But before you book a standard hotel or motel, why not try something totally unique?

Cougar Ridge is one of the best places to stay in Torrey UT for many reasons. The luxury accommodations, range of amenities, and great location make it an ideal getaway for families, couples, and even groups. However, what makes this destination so unique is that it’s both a luxury resort and a fully functioning ranch.

When Don Cook, a local Torrey resident, and the town’s mayor, purchased the land where Cougar Ridge now stands in 1989, its primary purpose was for farming. Cook originally had plans to build a ranch house and a barn and to continue farming the property as a hobby. After the Ranch House was built in the year 2000, he was inspired to create the luxury resort that guests know and love today.

But while the property is now home to the stunning Lodge, 7 private luxury villas, and a beautiful Pavilion perfect for weddings, it continues to be a fully-functioning ranch and farm. 

What can you expect when your Capitol Reef lodging doubles as a functioning ranch? Keep reading to find out!

You Can Visit With Our Resident Farm Animals

Standard Capitol Reef lodging options typically offer standard hotel amenities like ice machines or maybe a continental breakfast. But how many hotels have you visited that allowed you to pet alpacas, horses, donkeys, and more?

While the property may have started as a farm, today our ranch is home to a number of animals. As you take a stroll around the property, our friendly Longhorn, Bronco, might decide to tag along on the 1-mile walk. Give him a scratch between his 7’ horns, and he’ll instantly be your new best friend. You’ll also see our resident alpacas, horses, ducks, and donkeys during your stay. 

Our Property Features Orchards Perfect For Strolling

At Cougar Ridge, we have a small orchard with cherry, pear, and apple trees. You’re welcome to take a relaxing stroll through them. They’re particularly beautiful in the fall!

You Could Get a Visit From Our Ranch Dog or Cat

Are you someone who looks forward to enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning on the patio of your villa or on the deck of The Grand Lodge? You might just get to take in the sunrise with our ranch dog, Bronco, or our ranch cat, Patty Cake. 

Both of these friendly animals, as well as our other domestic animals, have free roam of the property, and may just decide to join you for a spell.

Our Location is Secluded, Yet Accessible

Many of the places to stay in Torrey UT are located in the center of town. Despite its small size, this isn’t the best way to experience the stunning landscapes that the area is known for. During the summer months, many of the more than 1 million annual visitors stay in Torrey while visiting Capitol Reef. These visitor numbers cause crowds in town to swell.

Cougar Ridge is tucked away in a stunning valley that allows you to enjoy some incredible views in a quiet, peaceful setting. However, we’re located just 5-minutes from town. This makes it easy to hop into Torrey for a meal or to head to Capitol Reef for a day of hiking before heading back to The Grand Lodge or your private villa.

You’re Welcome to Join in On the Ranch!

It’s fun to watch our staff feeding the animals or bailing hay from the comfort of your private villa patio or to go for a stroll and take in the action from a distance. But if you want to make your stay at the best Capitol Reef lodging even more memorable, consider joining in!

During your stay, you’re welcome to join in on feeding, baling hay, cleaning corrals, and even plowing and operating real farm equipment! Simply let the staff know and sign a waiver, and you can see for yourself what it takes to operate a real working ranch!

If you’re visiting with your family or a group, you can also host a class to learn more about horse care and training, woodworking, and other ranch activities.

Experience This Unique Capitol Reef Lodging Option for Yourself

Looking for the most unique Capitol Reef lodging option? You can’t beat staying at a functioning ranch!

From visiting with our resident animals to trying your hand at bailing hay or plowing, Cougar Ridge offers a truly unique experience for guests. Ready to see for yourself? Book your next stay today!

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