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Amenities to Take Your Corporate Retreats in Utah to the Next Level

May 12, 2022 | Cougar Ridge Lodge, Things to do in Utah | 0 comments

Whether your business is based in the Beehive State or elsewhere, corporate retreats in Utah, and especially in Torrey, Utah, are a great chance to allow your employees to disconnect and relax while enjoying a memorable trip set against a stunning natural backdrop.

But before you book your Torrey accommodation, it’s important to consider how your employees will spend their time during your retreat. You’ll likely plan some team-building activities, host meetings, or hold some training during your getaway. But you’ll also want to make sure that your guests have some downtime — and some fun options to fill that time. Booking a hotel for your Torrey accommodation might seem like an easy choice. However, a standard hotel likely won’t provide much in the way of entertainment beyond basic amenities.

The best resorts in Utah for your corporate retreat are those packed with luxurious amenities and activities for every interest. Looking to plan corporate retreats in Utah later this year? Keep reading to learn about the unique amenities at Cougar Ridge that can help take your corporate retreat to the next level.

Learning Activities

Some corporate retreats are designed to be relaxing or fun vacations to reward employees for hitting a goal or finishing a great year. Others combine fun with training or team building.

Regardless of which category your retreat falls under, adding a non-work-focused learning activity can be a fun way to bring your employees together to try something new. 

At Cougar Ridge, we offer a variety of different types of on-site learning activities for your group. Plan a painting or beer and wine-making class for an evening of fun. Or, let your employees get a taste of ranch life with a horse care and training or woodworking class. 


One big benefit of booking Cougar Ridge for your Torrey accommodation is the ability to cater delicious meals for your group. But if you want to mix up your evening with a fun meal your employees will love, you can also host a backyard BBQ. This meal can also be catered in. Or you can opt to grill it on your own. Either way, this meal is an activity all its own. It’s also perfect for celebrating together with your team.

Hot Tubs and Fire Pits

After a long day of meetings or team building activities —or perhaps enjoying off-site activities like exploring Capitol Reef National Park — your employees will no doubt want to relax. In a standard hotel, their only option might be to return to their room to spend some time alone. But at Cougar Ridge, there are a variety of evening activities available that are great for encouraging your employees to relax and spend some quality time together away from work.

From relaxing in the hot tub to stargazing to enjoying a campfire and roasting marshmallows, there are tons of activities you can enjoy after the sun goes down.

Sand Volleyball and Horseshoes

Looking to inspire a little healthy competition between teams? Our on-site sand volleyball court and horseshoe pit are a great choice! Start a casual game, or create a bracket and get everyone involved in cheering on their teammates! 

Fitness Facility and Spa Amenities

When booking your corporate retreats in Utah, you’ll have the choice between booking our Lodge or individual Villas for your guests. Our Villas offer private, luxurious accommodations for your group. But when you book our Lodge, you get the entire three-story property, which comes with some unique amenities not available to Villa guests.

This includes an on-site fitness facility with sauna and steam rooms perfect for allowing your employees to keep up with their fitness routines or to relax and unwind during your visit.

Other Lodge-exclusive amenities include a bowling alley, a winery with wine cellar and tasting table, a bar, a simulator room with driving, golfing, and a shooting gallery, a theater room, private hot tubs, a game room, and more.

Private Rodeos

Want to take your next corporate retreat to the next level with an on-site activity your employees won’t soon forget? Perhaps the most unique activity offered by the best resort in Utah is our private rodeo!

We bring the Wild West to you with local cowboys showing off their skills and a chance to meet with the pros and their horses after the event.

Booking Corporate Retreats in Utah

Too often, corporate retreats are an obligation that not all employees look forward to. While long hours of training or team-building activities might be the focus of the retreat, making it fun for your employees is a great way to reward them for their hard work.

Booking corporate retreats in Utah is a great way to combine training and fun for your employees for a memorable event that they’ll actually want to attend year after year!

At Cougar Ridge, we welcome corporate retreats of all shapes and sizes. Book our exclusive Lodge, which comes with a variety of accommodations for your guests, as well as luxury amenities like a fitness center with sauna and steam rooms, a bowling alley, game room, multiple kitchens, and more. We offer unique meeting spaces that can accommodate your group’s needs, as well as fully catered meals and customizable outdoor activities. 

Ready to start planning corporate retreats in Utah for your team? Check out our Retreats & Conferences guide to learn more!

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