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7 Reasons to Gift an Experience This Holiday Season

Nov 30, 2021 | Cougar Ridge Lodge | 0 comments

The holidays are here, and this year finding the right gifts for everyone on your list is about to get even harder. Shipping delays and shortages in stores are making finding some gifts, like tech and toys, a challenge.

But even after these supply chain issues are resolved, finding the right gift for that person who has everything, and avoiding the classic go-to gifts that no one really wants to receive, is always a challenge.

Experience-based gifts might be the solution. Before you buy bag after bag of okay gifts this holiday season, keep reading to learn 7 reasons to gift an experience this year instead.

1. Experiences Create Lasting Memories

Too many common holiday gifts come with an expiration date — and we don’t mean just food. Clothing goes out of style. Video games and tech gifts like laptops and tablets need replacing with the latest models and versions. Got-to gifts like blankets, candles, and socks are used a few times, then thrown away, stuffed in a closet, or donated not long after the season is over.

Perhaps the best thing about experience-based gifts is that they keep giving, for many, many years. Even after the experience itself is over, the recipient will have memories they can look back on and cherish.

2. You’ll Get to Share the Experience With Your Loved One

Watching someone that you love open a gift that you carefully picked out and wrapped for them is a great experience. But sharing a gift with them and creating new memories together is even better.

With an experienced-based gift, like a vacation at Cougar Ridge, you can share the gift with your loved one. Whether you plan a romantic getaway with your spouse or book our Lodge for a big vacation with your extended family, you’ll get to share the gift together and make some new memories together that everyone will cherish.

3. Experience Gifts are Ideal for the Person Who Has Everything

Do you spend each holiday season agonizing over finding the perfect gifts, only to rush to buy something at the last minute? You’re not alone.

Over half of all Americans report that they tend to wait until the last minute to do their holiday shopping. Just under half say that they think they’re bad at giving gifts. And 60 percent say that finding the right gift is a challenge. Experience gifts not only make gift-giving a breeze but guarantee that your recipients will love what they receive.

Struggling to find the gift for that person who seems to have everything, or who wants nothing? Save yourself some stress and ensure plenty of smiles around the tree on Christmas morning by booking a stay at Cougar Ridge.

4. New Experiences are a Chance to Learn and Grow

If you’re looking to expand a child, spouse, or sibling’s horizons, guarantee that they get to enjoy new experiences and learn something along the way with an experience-based gift.

Schedule a yoga class during your Cougar Ridge getaway. Plan a visit to the Visitor Center at Capitol Reef National Park to learn about the park’s history and geography. It’s easy to turn a fun vacation into a learning experience.

5. Experiences Allow Your Recipient to Try Something New

Trying something new is more than just a chance to learn. Research shows that it also has health benefits. When you try new things, you build confidence, improve your brain function, and more.

6. You’ll Be Encouraging Healthy Habits

Booking a getaway at Cougar Ridge is certain to inspire your loved one to indulge in some healthy habits. From hiking in the beautiful Capitol Reef to trying yoga, or simply slowing down and taking in the stunning surroundings, it’s impossible to visit Cougar Ridge without reaping the benefits of some rest and relaxation.

7. Experience-Based Gifts are Better for the Environment

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, Americans produce 25 percent more waste than they do the rest of the year. Big meals, decorations, and travel-related waste are a few culprits. But gift-giving is a big one, too.

Buying gifts and gift wrap, and especially fast-fashion gifts or gifts that are unlikely to be used much before hitting the trash, produce a lot of waste. Experienced-based gifts are a great way to avoid the temptation of inexpensive gifts that are highly likely to wind up in landfills.

Gift Someone You Love a Visit to Cougar Ridge This Holiday Season

Whether you want to keep your gifts a little more eco-friendly this year, are struggling to find a gift for that person who has everything, or want to give someone you love the gift of new memories, you can’t go wrong with an experience-based gift.

A stay at Cougar Ridge is more than just the perfect gift for a loved one — it’s also a great excuse to give yourself something special this holiday season. Book your stay today, and make this the best Christmas ever for someone you love.

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