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Why Experiences Are the Best Gifts You Could Ever Give

Nov 15, 2019 | Activities & Adventure, Cougar Ridge Lodge | 0 comments

The holidays are fast approaching. And while more than 50 percent of shoppers will head out on the last Saturday before Christmas, dubbed “Super Saturday” for some last-minute shopping, others are eager to get a head start on their lists.

Whether you fall into the group that’s already shopping or you’re planning to wait until the last minute, you’re probably choosing your method because of how stressful finding the right gifts can be. For some, that fact leads to last-minute procrastination. For others, it’s motivation to get started as soon as possible.

If you’re struggling to find the right gifts for someone on your list, skip the department store. Instead, keep reading to learn why experiences make the best gifts for friends and loved ones during the holiday season.


They are the Perfect Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything

We all know that person who has everything. And come time for the holidays, it’s those impossible-to-buy-for individuals that you’ll spend the most time shopping for and worrying over. You want to buy them a gift that they’ll truly love. But if you head to your local department store or even Amazon, you’ll likely wind up settling for yet another standard holiday gift. Your friend or loved one will smile politely and thank you, but inside, they’re thinking that it’s yet another gift they’ll toss, pack away never to be used again, or maybe even regift next season.

Before you add a sock set or scented candle to your shopping cart, think twice. Rather than burdening them with an unwanted gift, give them the gift of an experience instead. 

Experience-gifts are the best choice for anyone you struggle to shop for. Even if you’re booking a stay in their favorite hotel or buying tickets for an outdoor adventure you know they’ve taken in the past, they’ll still love the fact that they get to enjoy that hotel or experience all over again. You’ll be giving the gift of fun, of excitement, and of lasting memories. Those are gifts they’ll never be disappointed about, and that they can’t regift next year!

They’ll Open Up Your Kids’ Eyes to the World

When you give experience-gifts to kids, you’ll be giving them more than just a little bit of fun. You’ll also have a unique chance to open up their eyes to the world around them. They’ll get to experience new things, learn new skills, and see the world in a way they may not have had a chance to see yet. You might just introduce the child to a brand new favorite hobby in the process!

They Last Forever

Even the best material gifts don’t last forever. We grow out of clothes, or they get worn out with wear. Scented candles can only be burned so long. Candy and other food items disappear quickly, leaving nothing behind.

And when you give your friends or loved ones tickets or reservations, those will get used up too. The difference is that the memories created during a vacation or a day of fun will last forever. It’s unlikely you’ll look back and remember all of those times you wore that sweater. But you will remember horseback riding, stargazing in the desert, or taking that thrilling off-road Jeep tour.

They’ll Make Your Recipients Much Happier

In the same way that a holiday sweater won’t lead to lasting memories, they’ll only provide so much happiness in the moment as well. While it may be a gift that your recipient has been wanting for a while, these gifts are only going to affect them so much.

But the gift of an incredible experience provides far more happiness. When they open their gift, they’ll not only be excited, but they’ll start looking forward to the day that they get to use it. Then, for long after, they’ll get to look back on photos and memories for weeks, months, and years after.

They Encourage Spending Time Together

Odds are that the experience you’re gifting isn’t something that the recipient will enjoy alone. Whether its a resort stay or a horseback ride, they’ll probably bring along a gift. You might give the gift to a couple so that they can enjoy it together. Or you can even buy yourself the second ticket! Either way, your gift has a bonus gift; the chance to spend time with a loved one and build new memories together!

Choosing the Right Gifts of Experience

If you’ve decided that the gift of an experience is perfect for someone on your list, it’s time to get shopping. Just like shopping for material gifts, you still need to put some thought and consideration into which experience you choose. While it’s okay to choose a gift that helps your friend or loved one break out of their comfort zone, you don’t want to choose anything that will make them too uncomfortable. For instance, a helicopter tour is a poor choice for someone that is afraid of heights.

One gift that’s sure to please anyone is a weekend getaway at a fun resort. That way, your friend will be able to choose how he or she spends their time. They can turn their getaway into an adventure, or kick back and relax for a couple of days. At Cougar Ridge, your friends will have no shortage of options for how to spend their stay.


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