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Best Lodges Near America’s National Parks

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Best Lodges Near America’s National Parks

America’s national parks are magnificent and invaluable, not only because of their rare beauty, but also because of what they offer to visitors:  a getaway from the “grind,” a place for inspiration, features for stunning photography, and vacations for greater bonding among families. They combine tranquility with exercise, and that fact spells “different” from the crowded amusement parks.  Whether it’s a day trip or a one-week indulgence, America’s national parks are the perfect remedy for the overstimulation of technology and the doldrums of complacency. This article presents the finest in lodging near some of the most spectacular places on earth.


  • Just outside Capitol Reef National Park is a real destination treasure—Cougar Ridge Ranch Resort.  Part of the town of Torrey, Utah, Cougar Ridge is the consummate getaway for breathtaking scenery, exhilarating activities, and luxurious rest.  Torrey adds the convenience of a few restaurants, gas stations, and stores. At Cougar Ridge, choose from horseback riding, ATV growling, motorcycle cruising, or hiking on foot.  Any mode will expose you to grandeur. At night, see the star-filled sky from atop the main cabin’s roof, where you can feel the warmth of the fire pit, enjoy the panoramic view, and enjoy food and drink with your pals.  The casitas and cabins are beautifully furnished and artfully crafted. Sleep well.
  • Yosemite National Park is well-known for its ubiquitous waterfalls and picturesque valleys.  Among them, see the giant sequoias and expansive meadows. Yosemite’s Majestic Hotel has been serving tourists since 1927.  It offers views of Yosemite Falls, Glacier Point, and Half Dome. The outdoor pool is heated year-round. Without Yosemite, America’s national parks would be like a baseball player without a bat.


  • Within minutes of Zion National Park, you’ll find the Watchman Villas, the western gems of vacation condos.  The villas are furnished with class, and their kitchens leave nothing to be desired—all for your independence and relaxing pleasure.  Just outside the Watchman are tasty restaurants, like Bit and Spur, fantastic gift shops, and the free shuttle into Zion Canyon.



  • Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is busy, but rightly so.  Its hikes are stunning and varied—something for everyone. The Stanley Hotel is only five miles from the Park’s entrance and is rife with nostalgia.  Built in 1909, the 140-room Colonial Revival Stanley Hotel is famous for its “inspirational” role in The Shining, a novel by Stephen King.  Contrary to the novel and movie, The Stanley is family-friendly with great views.


  • Glacier National Park in Montana is also known as “Crown of the Continent” and is the headwaters for streams that flow to the Pacific Ocean, Hudson’s Bay, and the Gulf of Mexico.  About 25 miles away, near Whitefish, Montana, are the Snow Bear Chalets, which stand like luxurious tree houses in the forest. This place is known for its delicious restaurants and ornate, eclectic architecture.



  • The Great Smoky Mountains are the most visited of America’s national parks.  Its myriad of hikes, rivers, and wildlife make it the setting for fine literature and movies.  The morning fog gave the park its name. Blackberry Farm stands in eastern Tennessee and lives up to its name, offering scrumptious produce.


Best Lodges Near America’s National Parks

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