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10 Reasons Why Cougar Ridge Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Capitol Reef Vacation

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10 Reasons Why Cougar Ridge Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Capitol Reef Vacation

It is well-known that Utah’s five “mighty” national parks are incredible destinations, but one of them now is more accessible and enhanced with a first-class resort and lodge.  Capitol Reef National Park, with its breathtaking scenery, stands ready to give you an unforgettable adventure. A short drive to Capitol Reef, the Cougar Ridge Resort is a one-of-a-kind slice of heaven and is located at the small town of Torrey, Utah.  There are a few options for lodging near Capitol Reef; however, none is like Cougar Ranch Resort; it is indeed the secret ingredient to a fantastic Capitol Reef vacation for ten reasons.

  1. Cougar Ridge Resort itself is classy and beautiful, but its surroundings are perfect for stunning views of colors, rock formations, desert landscape, hiking, biking, and photography.  Nestled between two devastating canyons, future remoteness and seclusion are virtually guaranteed. The word “tranquil” is oft repeated in guest reviews.
  2. Cougar Ridge Resort is much more than a hotel.  It’s a place for special group gatherings: company retreats, family reunions, weddings, etc.  
  3. The evenings at Cougar Ridge are spectacular because of the star-filled skies and the open-air “penthouse” atop the main cabin.
  4. Its panoramic view is 360 degrees of non-stop gorgeous.  The silence is golden, and the stars are diamonds. A fire pit brings meditative bliss to the cool nights.  A nearby river’s sounds are therapeutic.
  5. Five hot tubs, a sauna, and steam room provide what humans crave: clean and relaxing, even on this Capitol Reef vacation.
  6. The large cabin and casitas are crafted skillfully and furnished beautifully.  Rustic, yet elegant comforts surround you. The bedding and pillows may prompt you to ask where you can buy them.
  7. A stable of stately horses is kept on the property, and the equine are trained and eager to take guests on some of the best horseback riding trails in the Wild West.  A longhorn bull proudly displays his staggeringly wide set of horns. These animals add spice to your Capitol Reef vacation.
  8. The Polaris RZR ATVs provide an other-worldly experience through the rugged, dirt trails.  In your mind, you compare this new sensation to riding public transit in the city, and you conclude it’s like the difference between your favorite, refreshing drink and cough syrup.
  9. The large decks of each casita are perfect for many guests, plenty of room for your own little paradise.
  10. While on the grounds, soaking in the views and sunshine, you see a mountain goat bounding over a ridge.  You wonder if it has detected a mountain lion.

After a day of grandeur and recreation, you can hit the bowling alley for some strikes and laughs.  The constant smiling fatigues the facial muscles. Going to bed is bittersweet because you didn’t want the day to end, but you remember you have two more days in heaven before your Capitol Reef vacation ends and real life beckons.


10 Reasons Why Cougar Ridge Is The Secret Ingredient To Your Capitol Reef Vacation

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