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Torrey, Utah Has The Recipe For Tranquility

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Torrey, Utah Has The Recipe For Tranquility

For most folks, Torrey, Utah is the definition of tranquility; however, for devout city slickers, it could be the recipe for disaster. This place challenges their long-held traditions, their comfort zones, and proud beliefs that nothing beats living in a big city. The din of man and machine has become addictive, and the convenience of everything at hand requires no self-reliance; therefore, contented complacency has deeply set in. Only the stark contrast of places like Torrey, Utah has the power to supplant the sanctity of the concrete jungle in the minds of city dwellers. But to create such an impact, the recipe’s ingredients must be very special, inspiring, and liberating.

Were a city dweller, for some strange reason, to spend time in Torrey, Utah, namely at the breath-taking Cougar Ridge Resort, how could he calmly return to family and friends, suppressing the eye-opening experience? Announcing the inspiring respite and a potential desire to move to Southern Utah would be like revealing a shocking conversion to a religion, long held with derision by his family—and broaching the fear of being disowned. Family bonds would be challenged, and a disastrous argument might ensue.

What Makes It So Life-Changing?

Such a devastating recipe includes many weapons:
1. Torrey, Utah’s stunning scenery of red, rocky cliffs, colorful flora, scattered blankets of frosty snow, blue skies, red dirt, and green shrubs, open vistas of vast desert landscape, all nestled at Cougar Ridge Resort, between two canyons that prevent a nearby intrusion of man’s developments. This defines “remote” and “secluded refuge.”

2. The large cabin and casitas are crafted skillfully and furnished beautifully. Rustic, yet elegant comforts surround you. Atop the large cabin, which sleeps about 25, is a roof for kings. Its panoramic view is 360 degrees of non-stop gorgeous. The silence is golden, and the stars are diamonds. A fire pit brings meditative bliss to the cool nights. A nearby river’s sounds are therapeutic.

3. Five hot tubs, a sauna, and steam room provide what humans crave: clean and relaxing.

4. On the Cougar Ridge Resort property, you’ll also find a stable of fine horses, trained and eager to take guests on some of the best horseback riding trails in the Wild West. A longhorn bull drops your jaw with his wider-than-wide set of horns.

5. You can’t forget the other-worldly experience of riding the Polaris RZR ATVs through the rugged, dirt trails. In your mind, you compare this new sensation to sitting in the back seat of a Taxi in New York, and you conclude it’s like the difference between your favorite drink and cough syrup.

6. The large decks of each casita are perfect for hanging out with friends and family, plenty of room for a microcosm of utopia.

7. While on the grounds, soaking in the views and sunshine, you stop to study a herd of deer across the meadow; and later you see a fox scurrying about.

8. Your day is filled with sublime recreation, photography, horses, ATVs, and hiking. Then your evening puts you at the bowling alley downstairs with your friends. The smiles are ubiquitous. Going to bed is bittersweet—bitter because there is much more to experience, sweet because the comfortable bed caresses your tired body and you know that you have tomorrow to enjoy Cougar Ridge and Torrey, Utah, again.


Torrey, Utah Has The Recipe For Tranquility

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