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How to Be Unpopular At A Utah Ranch Resort

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How to Be Unpopular At A Utah Ranch Resort

Leave it to the humanoids.  Strange behaviors are commonplace, and blatant foolishness doesn’t surprise us anymore, even at a Utah ranch resort.  Admit it, there are days when being popular is at the bottom of your list. Maybe you sometimes feel misanthropic, like Mark Twain, or maybe you’re angry at all the “conspiracies” and want to sequester yourself in a remote cabin, like a right-wing, gun-toting survivalist.

Now, if you’re like most people, you want to avoid being unpopular at a Utah ranch resort.  After all, being unpopular could get you in trouble with other visitors or even park rangers.  So, the goal here is that by explaining what not to do, you’ll know what TO DO.  This article presents six tried-and-true ways to become unpopular at a resort.  

  1. Sleep in your truck bed along the main street near a Utah ranch resort.  Attempting to save money by sleeping in your truck will attract suspicious attention from the police, other car drivers, and passersby.  This unpopularity will also cost you losses in comfort, safety, good sleep, and hygiene. A better choice is to book a room at Cougar Ridge Resort in Torrey, Utah, near Capitol Reef National Park.


2. Smoke in areas not designated for smoking, like the hotel lobby or casita of a Utah ranch resort.  This will bring the wrath of guests and management and possibly get you fined or arrested.


3. Wander off hiking trails so you can be adventurous and see more sights.  If half of the millions of people who visit a national park every year strayed from the trails, then the park loses its natural flora and fauna.  Animals retreat to other areas, and vegetation dies off. Habits are altered, if not destroyed. Litter is scattered in hard-to-monitor areas, and hikers get stranded or injured in regions that require extensive search and rescue efforts.  Hikers who leave marked trails also risk life and limb by invading areas of predatory residents, such as mountain lions, wolves, and bears.


4. Near many Utah ranch resorts are fabulous state and national parks, such as Capitol Reef.  These breathtaking vistas invite hiking and other outdoor activities.  To become unpopular, dress any old way you choose. Forget about the weather, other visitors, or your desired activity.  After all, somebody might like to see you in that bikini, right? Both scantily clad and too bundled up will cause problems.  Being “undercovered” will expose you to more sunburn, scrapes, and skin rashes. Too many clothes and insufficient water on a hot day can lead to dehydration and dangerous heat stroke.  Making people rescue you will make you unpopular.


5. Make fun of people at the resort.  Sending a beginning hiker on a wild goose chase will not make you popular.  Poking fun at tourists because of their ethnicity, language, food, pace while hiking, or clothing are also bad ideas.


6. Be loud and obnoxious in any of the bars or restaurants of your Utah ranch resort.  If you know you become annoyingly rude when drinking alcohol, avoid it.  Public places require public behaviors.

Alright, now you know what not to do at a Utah ranch resort, so it’s easy to deduce what you should do.


How to Be Unpopular At A Utah Ranch Resort

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