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How Wilderness Dirt Biking Can Change Your Life

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How Wilderness Dirt Biking Can Change Your Life

You may not have seen them much, but they’re out there, off-road, having the time of their life.  The lucky ones on those growling and screaming machines, kicking up dirt and winding their way through rarely seen landscapes, are celebrating life by wilderness dirt biking.  Their stories are real, and their experiences unforgettable.  If you’re one of the lucky ones, you know what the adventure does to your heart and mind.  The thrill of wilderness dirt biking stays with you, gives solace, and builds ambition.  It, indeed, can change your life.

Families And Friends Bond

Wilderness dirt biking is a bonding experience, unlike many others.  The rides take you far away from the convenience stores, hotels, and yes, even bathrooms.  They require staying together for protection and assistance when needed. A wipe-out and skinned knees or elbows are quickly cleaned up and bandaged.  This builds trust and compassion among family members and friends. The vistas alone are enough to bond people because of the magnificence shared among them.  

The trip takes preparation, which heightens the excitement.  Fixing up the bikes, or if they’re rented, packing food, water, and first-aid supplies are happy times of anticipation for the adventure.  Parents work with kids in making sure they’re safe and protected. The right boots and clothing gear are cool to buy or retrieve from the box in the garage.

Selecting Your Wilderness

Some of the best sites in the world for wilderness dirt biking are in and near the mighty national parks of Utah.  Some lodges, like Cougar Ranch Resort, rent high-quality dirt bikes.  The miles of gorgeous scenery are endless and humbling.

Life Changing

It’s not uncommon to hear a workmate, who has just returned from wilderness dirt biking near Capitol Reef National Park, gush at how rejuvenating it was.  They’re ready to take on the world with renewed, quiet confidence. The stress relief of dirt biking lifts people past the trivial and mundane and enables them to manage life more productively.  Like climbing a mountain, there are moments of accomplishment that infuse a belief that they can succeed at this or that project, which before this trek of perseverance seemed hopeless.

Wilderness Dirt Biking On The Trail

Imagine seeing a rattlesnake and swerving around it, then watching your kids behind you skillfully doing the same.  Imagine the views of majestic rock formations, wildflowers of yellow, reds, blues, and purples, blue sky above the red mountains, white clouds between the red and blue, reminding you of our flag’s red, white, and blue.  Off to the left, you see a coyote running from a rabbit kill. You stop to eat and drink and rest and talk. It takes great stamina to ride long and hard. You and your wife chuckle a little as Billy carries the small shovel and tissue behind the sagebrush to do his business.  

Day’s End

Returning to the lodge, you really appreciate the welcome of your first-class room.  The shower washes dirt and sweat off your body to the drain. It feels so good. Dinner is delicious, and your bed indulges you to sleep.  Yes, this wilderness dirt biking thing has made your life much better.


How Wilderness Dirt Biking Can Change Your Life

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